So my cat has decided to use me as his chew toy because he’s in “one of those moods” as I call it.

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  1. wicked-pale said: ouch!
  2. birdgirl69 said: awwww *_*
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  4. roshmakarosh said: Oh myy! Your voice! Your cat!! Everything just AWWWWWWL
  5. flappinflotsamwhatsthat said: It is ssooo weird to hear your voice! lol
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  7. the-assassin-with-scythes said: i like your voice XD i think that little kitty kat just want to give you some biting love (bad joke) thats a cute kitty
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  9. rogue347 said: my cat does the exact same shit. I tell him he is mean and nasty and yet I still continue to antagonize him. Why do we do that? LOL
  10. theassbuttchronicles said: hahahah so funny
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  12. foreveracharmedone said: LOL my cat Chloe does that all the time! XD When she was a kitten she used to stalk me going up and down the stairs and she’s leap at my leg and attack. Silly kitty.
  13. ilovefrollomarik said: u sound so cuute
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