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So I’ve decided something…

I was taking a walk down memory lane and had a moment of… I don’t really know what to call it. But it made me think, and I realized that there is so much I miss, especially writing. So I’ve decided I am going to ease my way back into writing fanfiction.I also need to see what fics I have yet to add to my fiction page on my blog. That’s not important right now, though. What is important is that I am going to be taking some prompts from you guys, my lovely followers, and choosing a couple to start with. Just remember I’m not exactly good with angst, but I am decent with fluff, and I think I’m pretty good with nsfw stuff.

So here’s the deal: you guys can send me prompts to consider writing, BUT please only send one per person. It can involve either Tom or one of his characters. Also, if you’re sending me a prompt, don’t make it something obscure or expect me to write about something that requires a ton of research.These will most likely be shorter fics, and I’m doing this for fun and to get back into writing, not to be treated as a machine. That’s happened before, and I would rather it not happen again. Thank you for understanding. :)

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I’d love to be a vampire. It’d be lovely to be a vampire, wouldn’t it? You’d get to be ancient and eternal, a creature of the night. And vampires get away with murder, quite literally.” — Tom Hiddleston


Fine, I relinquish all control of myself to this man. 

Adam - deleted & extended scenes 

Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai (x)


Tom Hiddleston by Mari Sarai (x)

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